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4 days ago

Why Coffee Is The Key To Your Best Power Nap

Sometimes you just need a nap. Here’s how to make it count. You’re feeling sleepy. Sluggish. Barely awake. Flickr: Kevin Jaako / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jaako But you have so much left to do today! You know that drinking coffee will give you a jolt. Thank you caffeine!


5 days ago

18 Thanksgiving Cooking Hacks To Save The Day. #10 Is Golden.

There’s so much to do to prepare for the big Thanksgiving meal. Here’s some tips to make it a little easier. #1. No roasting rack? No problem. Elevate the turkey on a layer of quartered onions, carrots and celery. Bonus: They will add flavor to your drippings. cookingchanneltv #2. Want fluffier mashed potatoes? Add a […]


2 weeks ago

19 Thanksgiving Recipes You Don’t Need An Oven To Make

Do your thing on (or off) the stove and let all those other chumps fight for oven space. 1. Start off the snacking with some adorable pumpkin deviled eggs. Those cute stems are little pieces of chives. Get the recipe. 2. Butternut squash soup is a good way to keep people from getting hangry […]


3 weeks ago

10 DIYs For Using Stuff That’s Just Lying Around

Reusing old stuff is a fun and easy way to spruce up your home. And it’s a perfect way for busy people to update their home without breaking the bank. 1. Reuse tin cans for fast and tidy art storage. Courtesy of Meg Freeman / Via For just a few pennies, your kids will […]


4 weeks ago

10 Fruit Facts That May Surprise You

Fruit facts to surprise and delight you.


1 month ago

23 Fun Ways To Scare Your Kids This Halloween

1. Put your “head” in a jar, then leave it in the fridge to be discovered. That’s no head of lettuce. Learn how to pull off this trick here. Blog

1 month ago

10 Halloween And Autumn Treat Recipes Your Dogs Will Love! : PetFlow Blog – The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.

This fall, celebrate Halloween and the changing of the leaves with your pooch by baking them some special dog treats! Easy to make and perfectly safe to eat for dogs of all shapes and sizes, these recipes are guaranteed to make your dogs even bigger fans of you, if that’s even possible…and track your every […] Blog

2 months ago

WOW! I Had No Idea WINDEX Had All These Uses! #1 Is Awesome!! : PetFlow Blog – The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.

Don’t you just hate having to spend money on a ton of different products for all the different needs around your house?! It turns out that a lot of the products you already have under your sink have way more than one use… and the biggest one has secrets that nobody wants you to know!… […] Blog

2 months ago

The Absolute BEST Way To Cut A Pineapple! It’s So Easy, I Had NO Idea!

I love pineapple – but I’m known for foregoing the full fruit in favor of the pre-cut slices at the grocery store. Why? Because I have no idea how to cut a pineapple and shouldn’t be trusted to do so, that’s why. But I shall fear not! Because this awesome, easy-to-understand two-minute episode of the […]

Mental Floss

3 months ago

9 Useful, Good Housekeeping-Approved Cooking Tricks from the 1920s

Most of the clever cookery timesavers women used a century ago don’t translate to today. The idea of serving breakfast cornflakes from a glass pitcher instead of the usual way (which was apparently with a teaspoon) is nifty, but has been completely unnecessary since Kellogg’s got the idea of making their cereal boxes narrow and […]