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4 days ago

This Year, Moms Are Painting Their Pumpkins Blue-But The Reason Is Going Viral

Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies. As any parent of a food allergy child will tell you, it can be stressful and frustrating – not to mention, extremely worrisome. With Halloween around the corner, consuming one piece of the wrong candy can leave highly dangerous effects. After all, some of… […]

7 days ago

He Sticks A Lemon In The Microwave. 20 Seconds Later? I’m TOTALLY Trying This!

As someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen, I am constantly on the lookout for amazing food hacks that will make my cooking even easier. I’m willing to give any new technique a shot, like this simple way to quickly peel garlic using a Mason jar. So when I saw this fast and easy… […]

1 week ago

He Shoves A Tortilla Into A Mug. 60 Seconds Later? This Is GENIUS!

If I were to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would definitely be tacos. They just offer so much variety. You have your meat, carbs, veggies, and dairy all in a handheld pocket of pure perfection. You can even mix and match ingredients so that you always get a meal that… […]

2 weeks ago

Her Bananas Were Going To Rot. What She Did To Save Them? BRILLIANT!

All across the country, bananas are a household fruit. From the grocery store to the ice cream parlor, bananas are everywhere – and they also happen to be my all-time favorite fruit! And considering that bananas are so near and dear to my heart, I’m always looking for creative recipes that use the yummy fruit in… […]

1 month ago

Clean Your Cutting Boards For Cheap Using Lemons And Salt

Nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal, especially if it’s one of your favorites that you have been craving. I personally love to cook my own food whenever I have the time and energy to do so…as long as someone else washes the dishes afterwards! If your culinary skills aren’t quite past making boxed… […]

2 months ago

She Smashes Apart Cookies To Mix With THIS. My Mornings Will Never Be The Same!

There are many ingenious things to do with unassuming kitchen items. Take the ice cube tray, for example. Here at LittleThings, we’ve seen plenty of creative ways to utilize the tray to our advantage. They can be used to make mouthwatering desserts, to store perishable foods, and even to prepare soothing emergency remedies for the summer…. […]

3 months ago

She Was Sick Of Mosquitoes, So She Made THIS From An Old Plastic Bottle. I HAVE To Do This, Too!

Horseshoes, barbecues, gardening, water balloon fights: there are limitless outdoor activities to enjoy during the warm summer months. But it seems humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy fun in the summertime sun. As the temperatures climb and skin becomes more and more exposed, certain flying predators begin to make their presence very known. Mosquitoes – called “flying teeth”… […]

3 months ago

She Put 3 Surprise Liquids On These Stained Jeans. When I Saw Why? I’m Doing This Today!

As a very active person, I am also sometimes a very messy person. Whether I’m working in the yard, cooking in the kitchen, or painting a room in the house, I quite often find my clothing covered in stains. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably assumed that there is no hope of ever returning your clothes… […]