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16 hours ago

Star Trek Surprising Robin Williams

News – Robin Williams and Star Trek crossed paths several times over the years, and takes a look at those moments.


4 days ago

‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ to resume filming

“Star Wars: Episode VII” is preparing to get back to work. According to The Hollywood Reporter, J.J. Abrams’ project is set to resume filming later this month after taking a two week break to allow Harrison Ford time to recover from an injury. ‘Star Wars’ cast gets two unknowns, takes break while Harrison Ford heals […]


6 days ago

The new facebook challenge is “Hello Face” from Mrs. Doubtfire

Check it out here. Randy


7 days ago

NASA’s NuSTAR can see black hole bending light

NASA’s black-hole hunting telescope has captured a cosmic battle between dark and light. NuSTAR, formally known as the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, has observed a supermassive black hole’s gravity tugging on X-ray light that’s being emitted near that black hole. The mystery of black holes Black hole hunting satellite launched New telescope to illuminate black […]


1 week ago

Eavesdropping with a camera and potted plants

Before you spill your deepest darkest secrets, or plans for world domination, look around you. Is there a gossipy potato chip bag or leafy green houseplant nearby picking up your conversation? Researchers at MIT, Microsoft and Adobe have developed a way to turn regular objects into visual microphones. They have re-created audio from silent video […]


2 weeks ago

DCF shuts down Daniels Academy after director arrested

Twenty families are now left to find a new daycare for their children after the Daniels Academy was shut down by investigators on Thursday. We learned the daycare’s director was arrested for a probation violation related to a separate felony case in a different county. On Thursday afternoon, parents rushed to Daniels Academy to pick […]


2 weeks ago

Apparent bait dog gets second chance

—Let me catch just one person doing this!!– Randy….. A Terrier mix named Jimmy found with an open wound exposing bone on his leg is getting a second chance at life, after being rescued from being a likely bait dog. Because of the severity of Jimmy’s injuries, animal control in Clewiston where he was found […]


2 weeks ago

Hitchhiking robot is halfway across Canada

As far as hitchhikers go, this one looks harmless enough. He or she — it’s hard to tell — is short and friendly, if a little fashion-challenged. Get him talking, however, and he won’t shut up. Meet hitchBOT, a talking, tweeting, bucket-bodied Canadian robot that’s hitchhiking west from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Victoria, British Columbia […]

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