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Rolling Stone

2 days ago

John Fogerty Explains CCR’s Hall of Fame Meltdown

The Hall of Fame called in late 1992. They said, “We are going to induct Creedence Clearwater Revival into the Hall of Fame. Would you perform with the other band members?” I said, “No.” I had gone to every ceremony except one, so what I did tell them was that at the end, when everybody’s […]

Rock Feed

3 days ago

Homeless Man Kicked Out of Music Venue Was Actually ROB ZOMBIE

Late last night, security at a local Nevada venue responded to reports of a disheveled homeless man hanging out backstage before a sold out Rob Zombie show. The man reportedly had long hair and smelled of alcohol as he sat backstage in the Las Vegas venue. Hundreds of fans were lined up in anticipation of […]


4 days ago

Madam Secretary Premiere: Morgan Freeman Behind-The-Scenes Clip

The season 2 premiere of Madam Secretary will feature a special guest both in front of and behind the lens: Morgan Freeman. The Oscar winner will be guest-starring as the Supreme Court Chief Justice, as well as directing the episode. In this video, Freeman and stars Tea Leoni and Tim Daly give a behind-the-scenes look […]

Bleacher Report

7 days ago

Diamondbacks Announcers Tease Sorority Girls Who Are Caught Taking Selfies

Let’s face it. We now live in a world where the picture you get at the game has become more important than the game itself. This was proven during Wednesday night’s Arizona Diamondbacks contest. A group of sorority girls were caught on camera taking several selfies.

Rolling Stone

7 days ago

Alice Cooper, Joe Perry Remember ‘Rock & Roll Chef’ Kerry Simon

Alice Cooper keeps a black Alexander McQueen cane with a solid silver skull in “a very special place” in his house. Of the many canes that have been signature parts of Cooper’s show for decades, it’s this one that’s become the singer’s most sentimental. “It wasn’t just a cane, but it was a cane that […]

Bleacher Report

1 week ago

From Fast Food to Fast Track: Jaylon Smith’s Rise to Superstardom

On his way home from practice one evening back in the fall of 2012, Kyle Lindsay had a taste for Burger King. He turned left out of the Bishop Luers High School parking lot in Fort Wayne, Indiana-the place where he had only recently taken over as head coach-and made the short trek to the […]

The Guardian

1 week ago

Straight Outta The Vatican: Who Will Appreciate The Pope’s Rock Album?

No preview copies of Wake Up! have reached us yet, but its artistic director Don Giulio Neroni tells Rolling Stone that it will be “strongly faithful to the pastoral [sic] and personality of Pope Francis: the Pope of dialogue, open doors, hospitality”. In practice, this means papal speeches set to music in a variety of […]

Rolling Stone

1 week ago

Paul on Drums, George on Bass: 10 Great Beatles Instrument Swaps

With every single LP, the Beatles shed some creative skin. Decades later, it’s still difficult to process their two-year leap from Revolver to Sgt. Pepper’s to the White Album. The members also continuously expanded their own roles in the band: It’s surprising how many classic Beatles songs feature Paul McCartney behind the drum kit, or […]

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