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2 weeks ago

Man Robs A Bank Using A Sex Toy And A Cell Phone

A Pennsylvania man successfully robbed a bank, and all he needed was a sex toy and his phone. Aaron Stein, 35, used a vibrator taped to a cell phone to fool bank tellers into thinking he had a bomb. “He had a mask on, said he had a bomb, displayed some wires hanging out from […]

NY Daily News

2 weeks ago

Women, Child Filmed In Wild Walmart Brawl

No amount of soap could clean this mess. A Walmart aisle turned into a soapy boxing ring when two women and a child let loose on one another in a caught-on-camera brawl that was described by one witness as “white trash at its finest.” The women were arguing inside the Beech Grove, Ind. store around […]

3 weeks ago

Star Trek Trek Super-Fan Gets Surprise

News – A Star Trek mega-fan recently got the surprise of a lifetime when his girlfriend arranged for the team from Super-Fan Builds to create an Enterprise computer table/desk and office chair. Check out the full story at

E! Online

3 weeks ago

A Guy Decided To Propose To His Girlfriend In A McDonalds Drive-Thru

he sentiment? Totally sweet. The execution? Brutal. This guy decided it was a good idea to propose to his girlfriend in the drive-thru of the same McDonald’s that the two ended up at on their very first date two years ago. And bless his heart, he uploaded the attempt to YouTube


3 weeks ago

The Hilarious Truth About What Would Happen if Men Got Periods

WaterAid UK released a series of hilarious videos about what would really happen if men got periods as part of a mission to bring more attention to the fact that 1.25 billion women around the world don’t always have access to a toilet during their periods, The Daily Dot reports.


4 weeks ago

What Happened When A Woman Dressed Like Kim Kardashian For A Week

Reality-TV star Kim Kardashian is now a bona fide fashion icon, and one fashion writer decided to take on her style for a week.Sally Holmes, seniors news editor for, donned two pairs of Spanx and a waist trainer under fashions Kardashian has sported. Holmes told ABC News that it took her about two hours […]


4 weeks ago

12 Real Reasons Some People Never Seem To Have Enough Time

Many people today complain that they constantly don’t have enough time. They are so busy that they don’t have time for their families, work tasks, kids, friends, etc. At the same time, there are lots of people who have the same number of responsibilities or even more, but they manage to do everything in time […]

1 month ago

You Can Crash This Couple’s Wedding Without Even Getting Off Your Couch

It’s tough to ignore how much social media has changed weddings. A couple might coin their wedding hashtag within minutes of the proposal, and you can change your Facebook status to “married” right there at the ceremony. There’s room for innovation with the introduction of each new social medium, and this wedding season you can […]

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