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11 months ago

Boca Raton ‘Star Trek’ mansion on sale for $35 million

Do you consider yourself an ultimate Trekkie?A venture capitalist in Florida probably has you beat. He’s such a fan of Star Trek, he has a replica Next Generation Enterprise bridge in his mansion.

11 months ago

Google self-driving car has no steering wheel or brake

If you’re uneasy at the idea of riding in a vehicle that drives itself, just wait till you see Google’s new car. It has no gas pedal, no brake and no steering wheel. Google has been demonstrating its driverless technology for several years by retrofitting Toyotas, Lexuses and other cars with cameras and sensors. But […]

11 months ago

Suspended Picnic Table Facilitates Friendly Conversation

This unusual picnic table is suspended between two diners, making conversation simple during closely shared meals.

Randy Sherwyn

11 months ago

Steve Perry hits the stage!

For the first time in almost 2 decades, Perry joins an indie rock band in St. Paul to sing 2 Journey songs.

11 months ago

Hackers locking iPhones, demanding ransoms

A large number of people are reporting they have come under an unexplained attack that holds their iPhones and iPads hostage and demands they pay a $100 ransom.

11 months ago

Animal Shelters Gear Up For Pet Adoption Days

Starting Saturday May 31st several Lee County animal shelters will participate in the 5th Maddie’s Fund Pet Adoption Days. The two day event is a huge opportunity for local shelters and the public to take home a dog or cat free of charge. The event is held every year designed to increase awareness of homeless […]

11 months ago

Apple acknowledges iMessage problems

Apple is acknowledging problems and rolling out bug fixes to make Apple-to-Android messaging less of a nightmare.

11 months ago

Man dies saving his drowning dog

A man and his best friend — a relationship so close the man gave his own life to save his 3-year-old Yorky name Rascal. “He loved golfing. He loved people. He had a lot of good friends,” says Roy Carlson, John Patti’s neighbor. And among the friends on John Patti’s pontoon boat Saturday afternoon was […]

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