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8 months ago

Bruno Mars: 7 things we love about him

Rooting for the Seahawks or rooting for the Broncos in the Super Bowl? Heck, we were rooting for Bruno Mars. The Grammy-winning artist had a tough act to follow this year with his halftime show, given that last year’s star performer was Beyonce. And let’s be honest — no one wants to have to follow […]

8 months ago

6 healthy Super Bowl snacks

For one day a year, nearly everyone becomes a football fan. Whether the Super Bowl’s draw is the halftime show, the commercials or the game itself doesn’t really matter: Party snacks are the true common denominator. The problem for would-be healthy eaters is that Super Bowl snacks are rarely nutritious. Fortunately, there are some easy […]

8 months ago

Extremely cool nuns adopt pit bull

In other “Things that Should be Disney Movies” news, a trio of New York nuns popped into an animal shelter over the weekend to adopt Remi, a 9-year-old pit bull. The three sisters from Our Lady of Christian Doctrine specifically chose Remi because she’s an older dog, and a pit bull, two factors that make […]

8 months ago

Star Trek Replicator Nearing Reality?

News – Need proof that Star Trek’s food replicator is nearing reality? Check out this video of a 3D printer making… pizza.

8 months ago

Opinion: Huckabee’s ‘libido’ comment chilling

Former Arkansas Governor and presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee sparked outrage across the country this week for his offensive remarks about women and birth control. But the real problem isn’t what he says — it’s what he and too many other politicians believe, and it’s the policies they would advance if they have the chance. In […]

8 months ago

Get your Super Bowl party started right!

I don’t want to freak anyone out before the big game. But there’s a potential situation at hand. I’m referring, of course, to the rumored Velveeta shortage. According to a Kraft spokeswoman, Jody Moore, “Given the incredible popularity of Velveeta this time of year, it is possible consumers may not be able to find their […]

8 months ago

Mysterious photo found in dog’s collar

When animal control officers were called to a Greenville, South Carolina, neighborhood to pick up a wandering pit bull on a cold Monday in December, they didn’t expect a mystery to unfold. But inside a fold of the dog’s collar, they found a wrinkled black-and-white photo. It had no name or date. A smiling man […]

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