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11 months ago

Man dies saving his drowning dog

A man and his best friend — a relationship so close the man gave his own life to save his 3-year-old Yorky name Rascal. “He loved golfing. He loved people. He had a lot of good friends,” says Roy Carlson, John Patti’s neighbor. And among the friends on John Patti’s pontoon boat Saturday afternoon was […]

11 months ago

Forget Godzilla: Facebook rolls out its own dinosaur

It’s been a big week for dinosaurs. With “Godzilla” still rampaging at the box office, Facebook on Thursday rolled out some privacy changes.

11 months ago

Burned Arcadia dog, Hope, meets boy who helped save her

Months after she was doused in kerosene and set on fire, Hope, the dog we’ve watched through a remarkable recovery reunited with her angel. A little boy named Max saw she was on fire and got help. On Thursday, Max was honored for doing the right thing. In much anticipation, the Hardee Animal Rescue walked […]

11 months ago

Cut your cooling costs by 30% or more

With electric rates predicted to climb 10% by summer, cranking up your air conditioner could cost you big this year. But that doesn’t have to mean living in a sweat lodge.

11 months ago

Study: Google leapfrogs Apple as most valuable brand

Well, guess that argument’s settled for now. Google is a more valuable brand than Apple. At least that’s the assessment of an annual study by Millward Brown, a communications company that ranks Google as the world’s most popular brand, topping Apple, which had held the top spot for the past three years. And, yes, we […]

11 months ago

Prosecutors: Tsarnaves used Christmas lights to make bomb fuses

The accused Boston Marathon bombers used Christmas lights and model-car parts to make the explosives, prosecutors said in court documents obtained by CNN Wednesday. “The Marathon bombs were constructed using improvised fuses made from Christmas lights and improvised, remote-control detonators fashioned from model car parts,” federal prosecutors said in a motion filed Wednesday. “These relatively […]

11 months ago

McDonald’s scary Happy Meal mascot

McDonald’s tweeted a photo of the new Happy Meal mascot, saying: “Say hello to our newest friend, Happy!” But within hours, the new square-faced red and yellow mascot with big white teeth was scaring away people on Twitter and had become the butt of jokes.

11 months ago

Teen breaks record for fastest text

A 16-year-old from Brazil can dash off a wordy, complicated, text message in the time most of us can thumb “Where R U?” And the folks with Guinness World Records have noticed. Marcel Fernandes typed a 25-word pre-selected paragraph into his touchscreen phone in 18.19 seconds, just enough to break the record of 18.44 seconds […]

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