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12 months ago

Rare goblin shark wasn’t the only thing that surfaced

Photos of the gruesome-looking goblin shark a fisherman accidentally caught last month drew attention as scientists caught a rare glimpse of the deep sea creature. But wait, there’s more. Now another marine species shown in the photographs has scientists talking. Many deep sea isopods showed up in the pictures of what fisherman Carl Moore caught […]

12 months ago

Collier County DAS offers pet care class

For the first time ever, Collier County is combating animal abuse with education. Anyone cited by animal services now has the option to waive fees by taking a class to care for a pet and learn how to properly follow the law. But many owners say they are not thrilled.

12 months ago

Family dog protects missing North Dakota boy

Carson Urness and his golden retriever/german shepherd mix went missing from the Cooperstown, North Dakota family farm around 7:30 Monday night. Between a three-year-old boy and a three-year-old dog, Carson’s mom, Courtney, rarely hears silence on the farm. But, it was a silence so awful she had to call for help.

1 year ago

A bug repellent that could save lives

Researchers at Vanderbilt University say their bug repellent is stronger than DEET and works on many insects.

1 year ago

This molecular sensor fits in your hand, reads your food

Anyone who has been deceived by a punchbowl at a party, or a diet-busting cake, will recognize the value of knowing exactly what you are eating. A new pocket scanner promises to deliver that power by giving the user an instant breakdown of alcohol, sugar, or calorie content before they consume. The USB-shaped ‘SCiO’ device […]

1 year ago

Britney Spears Dancer — You Broke My Nose And DIDN’T CARE

A dancer claims a disheveled and confused Britney Spears backhanded her in the face during a rehearsal, and Brit was so heartless … she didn’t even stop…

1 year ago

Source: No more blackjack for Ben Affleck at Las Vegas casino

It’s a bust for actor Ben Affleck at one Las Vegas casino. The actor was “banned from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas,” a source close to Affleck told CNN on Friday. Affleck was “not booted” from the casino as other reports have indicated, the source said. Rather, the source says, […]

Randy Sherwyn

1 year ago

Dog starts stealing softball players gloves!

WOU Softball, looks like the dog should be on the team..  Randy  

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