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1 month ago

There’s a Movie Entirely About Emojis Being Made

Those tiny emoji symbols that have become a cultural phenomenon are going from your tiny smartphone screen to the big screen. Sony has secured the rights to make a movie entirely about emojis after out-bidding two other studios, Warner Bros. and Paramount, in a deal worth almost seven figures, Deadline reports. The project was pitched […]


1 month ago

Farmer Uses Blow-Up Doll As A Scarecrow

A farmer has come up with an unusual way of keeping pesky deer away from his turnips – by using a blow-up doll as a scarecrow.David Gray says the £4.82 inflatable woman has proven more effective than traditional methods.The Joker, 50, said: “She has made a much better job of it than my last scarecrow, […]

Mail Online

2 months ago

Bristol Zoo Gorilla Flips His Middle Finger At Visitor

Visitors at Bristol Zoo got a bit of a surprise when this grumpy gorilla flipped his middle finger at a photographer trying to take his picture. Bob Pitchford, 67, was on a visit to the city’s zoo last week when he spotted the large ape chewing on some grass. He took his camera out to […]


2 months ago

Undercover, Edited Video Claims Planned Parenthood Unlawfully Sells Fetal Tissue

An eight-minute undercover video published Tuesday shows a Planned Parenthood executive discussing how its clinics obtain fetal tissue for scientific research. The July 2014 meeting was arranged by people posing as buyers from a human biologics company who were in fact members of the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress. They met with Dr. Deborah […]

The Huffington Post

2 months ago

NASA Releases Last Image Of Pluto’s Far Side Ahead Of Upcoming Flyby

Take a good look, folks. On Saturday, NASA released a stunning photo of Pluto captured by the New Horizons spacecraft. The image is the clearest view many of us will ever get of the four dark spots that have captivated stargazers and scientists since they were first seen in late June. The spots, which are […]

The Courier

2 months ago

Little Girl Told She Couldn’t Be Elsa Because Of The Color Of Her Skin

THE world has thrown its support behind a three-year-old Aboriginal girl from Ballarat who was racially vilified at a recent children’s Disney event in Melbourne. Rachel Muir took her daughter Samara, 3, to the event at Watergardens shopping centre in Taylors Lakes last month. Dressed as Queen Elsa from the animated film Frozen, Samara waited […]


2 months ago

This One Eye Color Is Associated With Higher Rates Of Alcohol Dependence

Geneticists at the University of Vermont have revealed links between eye color and alcohol dependency, suggesting it occurs more frequently among people with blue eyes and less frequently among those with dark brown eyes.

2 months ago

The Truth Hurts: 8 Reasons You’re Ridiculously Bad At Sex

Sex. We want so desperately for it to be like the movies, full of gyrating perfect bodies, sweat glistening as they scream out in passion. The reality is, that we’re not perfect. We hate our butts, we have boobs that sag, we really regret that burrito we had at lunch – especially now that we […]

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