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2 months ago

Chicago Cubs Manager: AC/DC Messed Up Our Field

It’s been a little over a week since AC/DC rocked Chicago’s famous Wrigley Field. Fans absolutely packed the place on Sept. 15, but it may not have been without consequence. Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon thinks the AC/DC concert messed up the field, even blaming the show for a fielding error that occurred Sept. 21. […]

Rolling Stone

2 months ago

Roger Waters Talks New ‘Wall’ Film, Floyd Tour With Hendrix

When Roger Waters was watching an in-progress cut of his new concert film, Roger Waters The Wall, he realized something in it was missing. Throughout the production, images of people whose lives have been irrevocably changed by war – those who are missing loved ones, those who died while fighting – flash on a giant […]

In Touch Weekly

2 months ago

Tori Spelling’s Dog Is Missing

She’s hit a “ruff” patch. Tori Spelling and her family received heartbreaking news – their little pup went missing in Calabasas, Calif. on Sept. 15 and has yet to be found. The Beverly Hills 90210 actress uploaded an Instagram pic of her dog Mitzi, asking people to help find her. She captioned the photo, “Pls […]

The Huffington Post

2 months ago

4 Scientifically Proven Ways to Have a Happier Morning

In the past, I would have never described myself as a “morning person.” In fact, I used to hate mornings. I would often begin the day by hitting the snooze button on my cell phone alarm. When I would finally wake up, it was usually a race to get out the door. I would rush […]

Bleacher Report

2 months ago

Texas HS Football Players Who Hit Ref Discuss Actions On Good Morning America

Michael Moreno and Victor Rojas, the two Texas high school football players who were captured on video tackling an official during a game, told George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America on Friday they were following the orders of an assistant coach. According to Dan Good of ABC News, Moreno stated during the interview that assistant […]


2 months ago

The Shuffle: What’s Going On With Rock Music?

Probably one of the biggest quotes to get under the skin of my rock purist friends was one by Kanye West, where he stated “Rap is the new rock & roll. We (are) the new rock stars.” It’s the type of quote that sends people into hysterics, creating memes defending rock music by comparing lyrics, […]


3 months ago

Keith Richards on Mick Jagger, Donald Trump, Drugs and More

Fortified by a midday cocktail of Campari and soda with a double shot of vodka, Keith Richards dives right into a subject he has personally researched as deeply as anyone: drugs and the near-death experience. It has been 35 years since Richards kicked the heroin habit that made him the iconic rock’n’roll wastoid of the […]

Ultimate Classic Rock

3 months ago

Steven Tyler’s Solo Album Won’t Be Out Until 2016

Steven Tyler fans will have to wait a little longer for his solo album than they might have expected. Earlier this year, the Aerosmith singer confirmed his plans to release a country-influenced collection, announcing a solo deal with the Nashville label Big Machine and releasing a lead-off single, “Love Is Your Name,” that cracked the […]

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