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3 months ago

13 Smoothie Recipes to Keep You Full and Satisfied

Confession: I think I’ve gone smoothie-crazy. I got a single-serve blender a few weeks ago and have been making fresh-fruit smoothies once-fine, twice-a day ever since. I’d worry my smoothie habit was getting out of control, but these things are…

Elite Daily

3 months ago

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection With Humor And Appreciation

Overcoming the fear of rejection will leave you happier. Taking risks is the only way to change your life for the better. When you take risks, however, you put yourself in the path of rejection. It’s inevitable, really. There will be times when things don’t go your way, and when people tell you “no” or […]

3 months ago

Taylor Swift Gushes Over Sweater Featuring Polaroid of Her

Now that’s a personalized gift! Taylor Swift received a rather unique present at her show on Sunday, Sept. 7, in Denver, Colo., and proudly showed it off to her fans on Instagram. PHOTOS: Taylor Swift’s celebrity BFFs “Someone knitted this sweater for me of a Polaroid of myself and gave it to my mom tonight […]

3 months ago

Duggar Family Attend Church Sermon on Pornography Amid Josh Scandal

Facing their problems head on. Before the Duggar family celebrated Amy Duggar’s wedding on Sunday, Sept. 6, they called in for a morning service at the Cross Church in Springdale, Ark., to listen to a heated sermon about pornography. PHOTOS: Duggar family album The fiery sermon, delivered by Pastor Jeff Crawford, appeared to be referencing […]


3 months ago

In NC, Big Trouble for Teens Who Take Nude Pics

Thanks to a law one expert calls one of the strictest in the nation, North Carolina teens who take nude photos of themselves can be charged as an adult sex offender. The Fayetteville Observer looks at the law as it applies to one 16-year-old girl, Brianna Denson, who was listed on a warrant as the […]


3 months ago

Earth Opens Up and Swallows Five People in China

And it came to pass, as he had made an end of speaking all these blogs, that the ground clave asunder that was under them, the Associated Press reports. And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their bus stop, and all the men (and women) that were waiting at the bus […]


3 months ago

This Baby Kangaroo And Little Emus Are BFFs And Life Is Tough So Let’s Just Enjoy This

They’re all the cute you need to get through your day.


3 months ago

This ​Guy Slept in His Contacts and Now He’s Blind in One Eye

Cincinnati-based Chad Groeschen, 39, was experiencing itchy eyes and sinus infection symptoms when he fell asleep in his extended wear contact lenses. He woke up with excruciating eye pain – but that wasn’t even the worst part. He could barely see out of his left eye. Doctors diagnosed his terrifying condition as a Pseudomonas bacteria […]

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