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NBC News

4 months ago

12,975 Zumba Enthusiasts Set New Guinness Record

Zumba enthusiasts filled the streets of Mandaluyong in the Philippines to set a new Guinness World Record for largest class with 12,975 participants.


4 months ago

Android phones can be hacked with a simple text

Android phones can get infected by merely receiving a picture via text message, according to research published Monday.This is likely the biggest smartphone flaw ever discovered. It affects an estimated 950 million phones worldwide — about 95% of the Androids in use today.The problem stems from the way Android phones analyze incoming text messages. Even […]


4 months ago

Creepy Clown Breaks Into Chicago Cemetery, Waves Creepily At Onlooking Couple

Chuckie was super scared of clowns on the Rugrats-but they’re not that cool in real life either, if you bump into them in a cemetery in the middle of the night. CBS reports that a couple saw a man dressed as a clown walking around and climbing the main gate of the Rosehill Cemetery in […]

ABC News

4 months ago

Dogs Photographed Hugging Inspires Rescue Before Euthanasia

An adorable snapshot of two dogs embracing each another spread like wildfire across the Internet — something that may have also helped save their lives. “It seems they love to play together,” said Karin Wallace, a founding core member with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue where the dogs will be fostered. “The need to rescue […]

4 months ago

Donald Trump Insult Generator

Perhaps no presidential candidate in history has wielded the put-down quite like Donald Trump. John McCain’s a “dummy.” John Kasich is “desperate.” Rick Perry “needs new glasses.” Karl Rove is “a total loser.” Lindsey Graham, Trump said Tuesday as he announced the South Carolina Senator’s cell phone number on live television, is a “stiff. What […]


4 months ago

There’s a Movie Entirely About Emojis Being Made

Those tiny emoji symbols that have become a cultural phenomenon are going from your tiny smartphone screen to the big screen. Sony has secured the rights to make a movie entirely about emojis after out-bidding two other studios, Warner Bros. and Paramount, in a deal worth almost seven figures, Deadline reports. The project was pitched […]


4 months ago

Farmer Uses Blow-Up Doll As A Scarecrow

A farmer has come up with an unusual way of keeping pesky deer away from his turnips – by using a blow-up doll as a scarecrow.David Gray says the £4.82 inflatable woman has proven more effective than traditional methods.The Joker, 50, said: “She has made a much better job of it than my last scarecrow, […]

Mail Online

5 months ago

Bristol Zoo Gorilla Flips His Middle Finger At Visitor

Visitors at Bristol Zoo got a bit of a surprise when this grumpy gorilla flipped his middle finger at a photographer trying to take his picture. Bob Pitchford, 67, was on a visit to the city’s zoo last week when he spotted the large ape chewing on some grass. He took his camera out to […]

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