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14 hours ago

These Photos Of Men Shopping With Their Wives Will Have You Cracking Up.

I’m still laughing! The men all have the same expression. Some sleep… Some lean… Twitter


16 hours ago

Bealls Florida Tax Free Blockbuster Sale Event

    Brandenton, Fla., July 28, 2014 – Bealls Florida Department Stores announces the best back to school savings event in their 99 year history during the Florida Sales Tax Holiday Friday, August 1 through Sunday, August 3.  In addition to the state-provided tax savings Bealls will offer special discounts and pricing during the 3 […]


16 hours ago

Animal Services Offers “Endless Summer” Adoption Special

    Fort Myers, FL, July 28, 2014 — As Lee County Domestic Animal Services approaches August, the agency’s facility is exceeding capacity.  At three months into kitten season the shelter’s intake of cats and kittens has not slowed down but adoptions for both dogs and cats have.  To boost adoptions Animal Services will offer […] Blog

16 hours ago

The Top 7 Most Surprising Items You Should NOT Refrigerate! I Can’t Believe #5 Is True!

I always came from the rule of thumb where if you weren’t sure if something should be refrigerated, do it anyway just to be sure. I mean, a little refrigeration isn’t going to hurt it right? Well, as it turns out,  I couldn’t have been more wrong! There are tons of food that actually stay […] Blog

4 days ago

In 6 Seconds, This Video Will Make Your Day! It’s FABULOUS!

Fast asleep on a car ride, Dad says his little girl Amaya can sleep through anything… except for her favorite song! Watch as Amaya switches from snooze mode to party mode in a matter of seconds, just as soon as the radio switches over to her dance jam! I LOVE seeing her sister light up […]


5 days ago

The 30 Most Horribly Awkward Baby Photos In The History Of Baby Photos

A photo is worth a thousand words…these are worth a million. ShareTweet ShareTweet


5 days ago

22 Brilliant Everyday Ways To Recapture Your Childhood

Thanks to the geniuses on this AskReddit thread . 1. Moo at cows when you pass them in a car. / Via 2. Use the Force to open automatic doors. / Via 3. Ride your shopping trolley around the supermarket. / Via But, you know, be careful. Blog

5 days ago

Strangely Enough, The World’s ‘Grumpiest’ Cat Will Give You Something To Smile About!

One Internet star has emerged and he has proven he’s here to stay. Below are our favorite pictures of the infamous Grumpy Cat, followed by a video of the main feline himself Live, in the flesh, in all of his misery. If you’re feeling a bit sassy or extremely sarcastic, I suggest you steal these […]

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