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2 days ago

In British Forests There Are Mysterious Trees Covered With Money.

We’ve heard it all before: Money doesn’t talk, make you happy, buy you love, or grow on trees. Except, in this case, it does – or at least appears to. Read more below – and check out the insane pictures to prove it. Historically, the act of pushing coins into trees dates all the way […]


3 days ago

March Madness pet adoptions at Lee County Animal Services

  Fort Myers, FL, Feb. 24, 2015—Lee County Domestic Animal Services will hold its own version of basketball season’s March Madness. During the entire month adopters will receive $20 off adoption fees if they can make a basket. No slam dunks or three-point shots are required for this deal.   There are several ways to […] Blog

4 days ago

These Three Incredible Dogs Say Grace Before Dinner. Seconds Later? HILARIOUS! : PetFlow Blog – The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.

Keeping dogs away from food isn’t an easy task, but a little prayer could do the trick for some canines. The owner of three chocolateLabrador retrievers was able to successfully say grace as the dogs sat patiently in front of their bowls. Although one dog was salivating, he still refused to break his stance until his owner […]


5 days ago

Canadian Dog Shows Her Love Of Hockey By Shoveling Snow Off Backyard Rink

Even dogs in Canada love hockey. Check out Elsa, the Labrador Retriever owned by Greg Cox in Guelph, Ontario. She is so eager for the family to play hockey on the backyard rink that she helps shovel the snow: – See more at: Blog

6 days ago

He Pours Chocolate Milk In An Ice Cube Tray, And Reveals This GENIUS Dessert Hack! : PetFlow Blog – The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.

The Wendy’s Frosty is a classic fast food treat, but did you know you can easily make your own at home? Yep! And it’s just as delicious — believe me, I’ve made this at home! This version, courtesy of Brothers Green Eats, only requires threecommon ingredients. Plus, it’s so easy to make that you can […]

1 week ago

19 Coffee Hacks That Every Coffee Drinker Has To Know Immediately –

So many people can’t go a morning without a cup of coffee, but are you really getting the most out of it? Try these tricks to make your cup of joe more effective, healthier, and tastier!


1 week ago

Wrong Tax Info Sent To Nearly 1 Million Obamacare Customers – BuzzFeed News

About 800,000 customers got the wrong tax information from the federal government, and now the Obama Administration is asking those people to hold off filing their 2014 taxes, the Associated Press reported. The error was revealed by officials on Friday. The end result is that these people will have to wait longer to get […]


1 week ago

This Toy Company Will Make A Stuffed Animal Replica Of Your Pet

It’s tough being a pet owner separated from your furry friend. / Via Giphy A company called Cuddle Clones wants to change that. / Via Cuddle Clones If you send Cuddle Clones a photo of your pet (and money, of course), they’ll hook you up with a custom-made stuffed animal or figurine.

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