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1 month ago

I Have The Most Determined Dog!

Now this is one determined little pup! I could not stop laughing as this adorable dog tries his best to bring his favorite toy outside with him. There is only one thing in his way: the doggie door! I couldn’t help but giggle as he kept getting stuck, just wait until :18, it melted my […]


1 month ago

32 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth An Absolute Fortune Now

At least on eBay. Better start digging through mom’s basement. Blog

1 month ago

I Caught My Daughter Talking To Her Dad!

What are little kids saying when they talk like this? It sounds like absolute gibberish to adults, but doesn’t this little girl seem completely sure of what she’s saying into that cell phone? She really seems to think her Daddy can understand! Even though we may not be able to follow, that doesn’t mean we […] Blog

1 month ago

When I Blew My Nose, My Baby Reacted In The CRAZIEST Way!

You have to watch this adorable baby’s reaction to hearing his mom blow her nose for the first time! He has no idea what to make of these strange sounds! He is just adorable! Watch as Emerson is completely scared out of his wits one minute and then laughing hysterically the next at the sound […] Blog

1 month ago

I Bought My Puppy A Winter Sweater

This English Bulldog received an adorable new present from his Mom: a red and white striped sweater to keep him and his wrinkles warm during the long, cold winter. Unfortunately, as you can see, little guy was not too pleased with his new outfit, and threw the cutest fit I’ve ever seen. He rolls on […]


1 month ago

If This Sister Band Doesn’t Have Their Own Record Deal in 10 Years, I Will Eat My Foot.

These little cuties are seriously talented. The little one on the ukulele? Slay me!


1 month ago

More secrets Disney movies have been hiding from us all these years

Visit the post for more. Blog

1 month ago

This BANNED Grey Poupon Ad Is Hilarious –

This is definitely going to be an internet classic for sure. As silly as it is, it got my attention. I’m going to see if I can Popuon my husband’s chest tonight. Wonder what he’ll think. Enjoy! And please SHARE with others if you laughed What’s your opinion of this ad. Should it be banned […]

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