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5 months ago

‘Calvin and Hobbes’ creator returns to comics pages after nearly 20-year absence

The famously press shy writer and illustrator made an unannounced series of collaborations with another comic writer over three days.

5 months ago

This Is One Of The Most Clever Commercials I’ve Ever Seen!

Have you seen this? I can’t get enough of it! This Norwegian commercial for the country’s lottery is one of the funniest, most clever videos I’ve seen. I think it’s absolutely brilliant! Even though it has English subtitles, what’s so amazing about it is it would work without any words at all. It really has […]

5 months ago

My Dog Just Did The Funniest Thing Ever.

You just can’t please some pups. They want a pool, you get them a pool. But that’s not good enough, because then they just want an indoor one! I’ve got to hand it to Gus, though. He knew what he wanted, and was determined to make it happen! The best part about this video is […]

5 months ago

Bear cubs spotted in Golden Gate Estates – WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

There was another bear sighting in Southwest Florida. This time it happened on 16th Avenue Northwest in Golden Gate Estates.

5 months ago

Hands Down, These Are The Funniest 6 Seconds I’ve EVER Seen.

This “Wimpy Goat” may start off wimpy, but he totally redeems himself. I’ve already watched this ten times, which is easy to do with a six-second video that’s as hysterical as this. When he “gives it all he’s got,” I get a huge case of the giggles! If you love goats and you love to […]

5 months ago

Photos That Demonstrate The Power Of Makeup


5 months ago

How Runners Can Stay Hydrated in the Heat

With summer quickly approaching, many runners are taking all their workouts to the roads and trails in the heat. During long running workouts in extreme heat, your body should be sweating out a lot of sodium. Some people may not sweat excessively, but their sweat is highly concentrated with sodium. If you often have salt […]

5 months ago

How Eating Your Veggies Saves You Money

When it comes to health and finances, not everybody gets the connection — but it’s there. Eating plenty of vegetables is good for your body, and in a way, your body runs like a bank account: Calories are deposited, and calories are spent. Of course, we would all rather have an extra bulge in our […]

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