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6 months ago

How Undereating Can Make You Gain Weight

Losing weight is challenging, and people who struggle with it often tell the same story: they increase their exercise and decrease their calories, only to be frustrated by a scale

6 months ago

Dog receives jury duty summons

Recently man’s best friend has been called upon to perform duties beyond simple unconditional love and loyalty.

6 months ago

Simple Tests Can Reduce Heart Attack Deaths

Simple, widely available tests – one of which only costs $15 – could help prevent heart-attack deaths, according to groundbreaking new research.

6 months ago

Reasons You Should Leave Your Desk Immediately And Go Outside

With spring finally here after a long and…

6 months ago

Duck Dynasty Star Counsels Kissing Congressman

When  Vance McAllister needed help in winning his Louisiana congressional seat last year, he turned to “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson for an endorsement. When the newly-elected McAllister needed a date to January’s State of the Union Address – his first as a  congressman -…

6 months ago

One surefire way to help kick depression: Quit using Facebook

If you’re feeling down lately, you should try spending more face-to-face time with your friends and less Facebook time with them. Pacific Standard directs our attention to a new study conducted by two psychologists at the University of Innsbruck in Austria that finds spending time on Facebook can depress our mood even if we have no […]

6 months ago

Eating Beans Helps Lower Bad Cholesterol

That old childhood ditty about “Beans, beans, the musical fruit …” really does tell the truth in the verse about beans being good for the heart, new research suggests. “We found a 5 percent reduction in bad cholesterol with one serving of legumes a day over six weeks on average,” said study co-author Vanessa Ha, […]

6 months ago

How to Afford Your Pet

To avoid these complications, don’t overfeed your pet. Pet adoption agencies need people to take care of homeless cats and dogs until they are adopted.

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