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6 months ago

. I Can Not Stop Laughing!!!

Not only is this compilation of pet’s beds hilarious, it is so typical of each animals’ behavior! Cats never did ANYTHING for ANYONE they didn’t want to. If the bed looks cozy, the fact that it’s the dog’s bothers them not. And move? I think this may be the most comfortable bed, ever! The dogs […]

6 months ago

She SHOCKED Her Family With Her Valedictorian Speech!

Becky Lint decided to go about her Valedictorian speech just a little bit different than the rest. Since she’s a music theory student, this year’s graduating class at Kingsley High School was in for a very special treat. Instead of delivering spoken words, she turned her speech into a song in the style of Disney’s […]

6 months ago


This is SO funny! While riding down a freeway with his dad, this ambitious pup tries to bite the cars that pass by – and it’s hysterical to watch! One by one, he waits until the cars are passing at just the right moment – and then he goes in for the attack! I’ve never […]

6 months ago

This Son Kept A Promise For 23 Years.

When Mike King was only 8 years old he made a promise to his father. Dad soon forgot, but Mike kept that promise and 23 years later, he finally gave dear old Dad the ULTIMATE birthday and Father’s Day gift. Growing up, Roger King was one of seven children in a middle class family. He […]

6 months ago

This Dad Makes His Baby Burst Out Laughing

Little babies love to laugh, but not all of them love getting their tiny little teeth brushed. Luckily for this dad, his baby likes to do both, and so it makes for an adorable video! Seriously, I think this is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen, and any time a baby laughs, my […]

6 months ago

‘Calvin and Hobbes’ creator returns to comics pages after nearly 20-year absence

The famously press shy writer and illustrator made an unannounced series of collaborations with another comic writer over three days.

6 months ago

This Is One Of The Most Clever Commercials I’ve Ever Seen!

Have you seen this? I can’t get enough of it! This Norwegian commercial for the country’s lottery is one of the funniest, most clever videos I’ve seen. I think it’s absolutely brilliant! Even though it has English subtitles, what’s so amazing about it is it would work without any words at all. It really has […]

6 months ago

My Dog Just Did The Funniest Thing Ever.

You just can’t please some pups. They want a pool, you get them a pool. But that’s not good enough, because then they just want an indoor one! I’ve got to hand it to Gus, though. He knew what he wanted, and was determined to make it happen! The best part about this video is […]

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