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11 months ago

10 Genius Grocery “Hacks” The Supermarket Big-Wigs Don’t Want You To Know

Never waste your hard-earned dough on that cookie dough you don’t need EVER AGAIN! With these ten simple grocery-shopping hacks you’ll save a lot of money…and time. The statistics about how much MORE money you spend for every passing moment you’re in the grocery store will blow you mind, but the most valuable information on […]


11 months ago

18 Awesome Life Hacks For Dog Owners. #10 Is The Best!

Every dog owner should know these. #1. A carabiner is an easy way to secure your dog’s leash when you’re out in public. #2. Attach a bottle opener to your dog’s collar. Twitter Blog

11 months ago

Two NBA Mascots Just Got Into A CRAZY Fight! You’ll Never Guess How It Ends!

Have you ever seen two NBA mascots go head to head like this? Watching this video, at first you think these two mascots are just doing some kind of comedy routine, but as you keep watching, you realize that the people inside these costumes are actually really talented dancers! The moves they start to do […] Blog

11 months ago

Dog Argues With Mom At The Vet’s Office! This Is PRICELESS!

Most dogs seem to understand that the vet is not exactly a place of fun and entertainment, but Cricket the dog is actually very vocal about it! Once Cricket realized she was at the vet, she wanted to try and convince her owner to leave, by giving every excuse she could think of! It may […]


11 months ago

25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Richard Attenborough

The Jurassic Park actor has died. He had an amazing life. The actor and director Richard Attenborough has died aged 90. He was best-known for his role as John Hammond, creator of Jurassic Park, in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 movie. Universal Pictures / Via 1. According to IMDb, “some believe Steven Spielberg cast Richard Attenborough as John Hammond to thank […] Blog

12 months ago

This Woman Sums Up Everything A Mom Says In 24 Hours… In 3 Minutes! OMG, I’m In Stitches!

In this hilarious video, comedian Anita Renfroe sums up all the things a mother says to her children (over and over again) for 18 years in a three-minute song called “Momisms” set to the William Tell Overture. She will have you on the floor laughing at all the funny things that moms say to their […]

OK! Magazine

12 months ago

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Living Apart – Mariah and Nick

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon seem like one of the happiest couples in Hollywood. They celebrate each anniversary in luxurious fashion, they speak adoringly of each other in interviews, and they pos… Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon seem like one of the happiest couples in Hollywood. They celebrate each anniversary in luxurious fashion, they speak adoringly of each […]

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