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1 month ago

Balance screening at the Balance Clinic

(Fort Myers, Fla. – Mar. 18, 2015) — Unintentional falls are the leading cause of death due to injury among Florida residents ages 65 years and older and the fourth leading cause of death due to injury overall.   Attend a free balance screening to find out about your fall risk and what you can […]

The Huffington Post

1 month ago

Homeless Dog Leads People to 10 Sick Puppies and Mom 

A homeless dog is now a hero — literally, as he has been renamed with this fitting moniker after using his bark persistently to lead individuals walking by to an exhausted mother and her 10 newborn, sick puppies. Maria Tarashevsce, an animal rescuer, witnessed the heroic actions. “When I got there in the evening, Hero […] Blog

1 month ago

He Melts Cheese Around A Slice Of Ham – OMG I’m Trying This Trick Today!! : PetFlow Blog – The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.

Sandwiches are great, but for most of us, this lunch staple holds no more secrets. Most of us have mastered the art of sandwich making; there is no bread, condiment, or deli meat we haven’t tried, and no baking, frying, or grilling trick that we don’t know (including the secret to making the perfect peanut… […]

2 months ago

Icelandair Crew Adopts Four Puppies Born at Airport

Icelandair Crew Adopts Four Puppies Born at Airport Alexandra PetriMarch 10, 2015 Four Iceland air staff are now the happy owners of a family of adorable puppies born at the airport. While loading an Icelandair flight bound for Stockholm, the ground crew noticed something strange about one of the dog crates they were loading onto […]


2 months ago

Bag of Air From Kanye West Concert Selling On eBay For $60,000…and RISING! ⋆ X TRIBUNE

We have all heard of silly items being sold on Ebay for ridiculous prices, but this one will leave you gasping. An eBay seller is auctioning a bag of air from an unspecified show from rapper Kanye West’s “Yeezus” tour, and the price has gone up to a staggering $60,100! The bag was listed with a […]

2 months ago

12 Secrets from Your Favorite I Love Lucy Episodes –

‘I Love Lucy’ is one of the greatest shows in the history of television. But do you know what really went on behind the scenes? Real Arguments When Fred and Ethel argued in any episode, there was not much acting going on. The two actors who played them, Vivian Vance and William Frawley, actually hated […]


2 months ago

In British Forests There Are Mysterious Trees Covered With Money.

We’ve heard it all before: Money doesn’t talk, make you happy, buy you love, or grow on trees. Except, in this case, it does – or at least appears to. Read more below – and check out the insane pictures to prove it. Historically, the act of pushing coins into trees dates all the way […]

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