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2 months ago

Baltimore Ravens cut Ray Rice after new video surfaces – ESPN

The Ravens terminated running back Ray Rice’s contract, hours after TMZ Sports released a video showing him punching his then-fiancée in the face in February. [<script src=""></script>] Blog

2 months ago

I Gave My Dog A New Bed For His Birthday. His Reaction Is PRICELESS! OMG!

Mikey, the dog, takes his bed everywhere. Even when he’s let outside to play, that bed comes with him. When his owners recently let him outside, the dog turned his bed into the best toy ever! They caught the hilarious moment on camera, as Mikey flipped his bed and then ran around the yard with it on […]


2 months ago

The Hidden Epidemic for Boomers and Older Adults: Substance Use, Misuse, and Abuse

FREE LUNCHEON AND CONTINUING EDUCATION EVENT 2 Free CEs 11:30 a.m. Registration noon-2:00 p.m. Lunch and event Please join Brenda Iliff, executive director of Hazelden in Naples, Florida, and Denise Kitson, Director of Clinical Services at Park Royal Hospital in Ft. Myers, Florida, for an informative presentation exploring the unique addiction issues that baby boomers […] Blog

2 months ago

Love At First Sight: 10 Photos Of Happy Rescued Pets With Their New Parents. #3 Is SO Heartwarming!

When Kyle went to adopt a new kitten from the animal shelter, he instantly connected with Mac. What’s even better is that one of the shelter employees captured their heartwarming meeting. In the first adorable photo here, the kitten is seen affectionately nestling the man’s face. It’s clearly love at first sight. He added: “I adopted […] Blog

2 months ago

7-Year-Old Boy Sets Up Lemonade Stand That Saves His Best Friend’s Life! He’s A HERO!

When 7-year-old Quinn Callender found out his his friend Brayden Grozdanich, who has cerebral palsy, needed to get an expensive surgery, he decided to set up a lemonade stand to help raise money. The two pals sat outside a local grocery store near Maple Ridge, British Columbia… and let’s just say, the lemonade stand was […] Blog

2 months ago

These Scaredy Cats Don’t Do Well With Technology! I Can’t Stop Laughing At Their Reactions!!!

There’s no need to explain the term “scaredy cat” if you’ve ever met one. Felines tend to jump whenever the slightest interruption happens… and usually it’s pretty hilarious! The cats in this video compilation all have one thing in common… they just can not handle technology like the rest of us! In this hysterical video, […]

Mental Floss

2 months ago

The Objects 10 Celebrities Took to the Grave

Ancient Egyptians weren’t the only ones who buried their dead with meaningful artifacts. The ritual is still a common occurrence today, although our reasons are probably different than the Egyptians’ reasons: They believed that the dead would need those certain items in the afterlife. These days, it’s intended as a final tribute to the deceased. […] Blog

2 months ago

This Video Reveals What Friendship Is All About! AND IT’S ADORABLE!

Snow, it ruins everything! All that white stuff means shoveling sidewalks and driveways, getting stuck in the house, dressing in multiple layers, and, if you’re anything like this adorable French Bulldog, not being able to play with your toys! Thanks to the snow, when his owner tossed his frisbee a few feet away from him, […]

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