This Is The Most Heartbreaking Dating Profile You Will Ever Read

A dying wife penned a very touching tribute to her husband, while also writing a dating profile for him for when she passes away.

The couple, Amy and Jason, have been together for two and a half decades, but recently, Amy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Amy is a professional writer who has penned several memoirs and children's books over the years. Left weak and frail, Amy decided to pen her final work, which she dedicated to her husband's future wife.

The article, a dating profile of sorts, was published in the New York Times yesterday. Upon reading the letter, you will more than likely cry.

In life, we always expect more, more time, more money, more work, more out of life -- but sometimes, like in Amy's case, there just isn't any more left.

Amy starts off by talking about her marriage, plans, and her diagnosis -- before eloquently expressing how she hopes her husband will remarry.

You can read the whole article by clicking here.

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