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Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato, And Ashley Tisdale Are Collaborating!

Talk about when worlds collide! Ashley Tisdale just confirmed (via her Snapchat, complete with the bunny filter, of course) that she has collaborated with Demi Lovato and the queen of early 2000s pop-punk Avril Lavigne on a new song. It’s called “Trophy Boy” and it will be featured on the soundtrack to the movie Charming, which is the story of three princesses who all end up engaged to the same prince.

Here’s Tisdale’s bunny-eared announcement if you want to hear the collaboration confirmation yourself.


Demi Lovato News on Twitter

Ashley Tisdale via her Snapchat (ashleymtisdale) talking about "Trophy Boy", a song from Charming sung by her, Demi and Avril Lavigne https://t.co/ySRUxf6DaU


What kind of vibe do you expect from the song? The perfect blend of sugary pop with a hint of punk thrown in? Definitely something you’ll belt along to in your car, right?


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