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Mean Girls Is Becoming A Young Adult Novel

You’ve seen the movie probably more than a hundred times, and drop quotes into every day conversation.

Now you can read the story in book version too.

Mean Girls is being transformed into a young adult novel, and it sounds like it’s going to be pretty epic. Of course you’ll get the point of view of Cady Heron, the original narrator, but the novel will also tell the story from different characters’ perspectives too.

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Movie to book! Read the first chapter of the new YA title @MeanGirls: A Novel!


The book is written by Michol Ostow, based on the screenplay written by Tina Fey. We hope that the same pop-culturey attitude will translate over to the book, as well as some of the iconic lines from the film. Because seriously, if "You Go, Glen Coco" gets cut out of the book, we will riot.

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OMG thats so fetch! mean girls be like

Want to check out an excerpt of the novel? Click here. The book, which will be titled Mean Girls: A Novel is due out this September.


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