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An Actual Sharknado Just Happened, And That's Very Concerning!

You can't make this stuff up... Anymore. 

So after the highly popular (for some reason) TV-Movies all with the Sharknado brand, a powerful cyclone in Queensland, Australia actually picked up a shark and sent it flying into a street.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency posted this shot of the shark, and a bystander also shot video footage. Obviously the shark died, but seriously, a sharknado. A real life sharknado.


Marcus Middleton on Twitter

Sharknado. Locals at #Ayr sadly discover another of the untold thousands of marine and land animals that were victims of #CycloneDebbie


Anything is possible if you can dream.

Sharknado Fin Chainsaws Shark in Half w Orlando Predators

Uploaded by Orlando Predators on 2015-08-06.


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