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This Would Make Camping So Much Easier!

Want to go camping this summer, but do not have the proper equipment?

This Los Angeles bases company will provide you what you need to be able to survive the great outdoors.

The start-up company called Joymode is a subscription based company which loans LA based subscribers with fancy camping gear. For just $99 a year, you will be able to get gear without heading to the stores or shopping online.

Started in 2015, member can pick a company package that will properly fit their adventure. Some experiences on their website that you can rent from, include; “camping, backpacking URB-E Scooter, backyard movie night, tailgating, ice cream rager, giant games, virtual reality and nerf battle royale.”


Joymode on Twitter

Wow! Just did the math and Joymode members saved more than $100k this past weekend accessing experiences instead of buying #domoreownless


Once you select what you need, the company will deliver it to you! Less hassle and definitely less expensive than if you were going to buy them a the store.


Alex Krause ⌚️??? on Twitter

Empire Strikes Back movie night in homage to Carrie Fisher. Whole projector setup and popcorn maker from @joymode! Incredible experience 🙂


The company was founded by Joe Fernandez, Waynn Lue and Keith Walker. Fernandez got the idea from when he used to live in New York City. Apartments there are small and, if you needed a large item for the weekend, you then needed to get rid of it after the use in order to save room. He wanted to provide people with the option to be able to have products available to them without having to worry about where to store them.

No only does the company offer fun gear, but they also give customers the option to rent cleaning supplies and even sheets for their overnight guests. For every item that is rented, the Joymode team offers support and information on how to use the item.


Dustin Luther on Twitter

Once again, @joymode has delivered! Expecting some epic battles this weekend!

Adrian Lopez on Twitter

Highlights from last night's beer pong match with @Eddie_T. Shout out to @joymode for the table assist. Happy New Year, everyone! ?


The company is currently only in the Los Angeles area, but are hoping to expand in the future (we really hope so!). Currently, the rental system is only by reservation only and they have approximately 2,000 reservations.



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