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The Season Finale Of 'New Girl' Sealed Perfectly

To Lorde's "Green Light," Jess and Nick finally figure out their stuff. 

Though E! seems to think that maybe this might be the end of New Girl, if it was, we'd be fine with it.

In perfect fantasy of Zooey Deschanel-world, Jess snuck into Nick's publsihing meeting for his book, and heard only pieces, thinking that "Pepperwood" and "Jessica" would never get back together, and left, seeing the plot as her own relationship with Nick.

They meet up at the end, and you can see the touching finale here:

The Moment We've All Been Waiting For | Season 6 Ep. 22 | NEW GIRL

Jess and Nick race to tell each other how they really feel.


Next season, if it's to continue, Schmidt's going to be a father, and Winston will be meeting his dad, but if it doesn't continue, we think that the Nick / Jess angle will be the perfect ending.


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