Oreo Just Released a Bizarre New Flavor

When you're ordering ice cream, cookies & creme is always a solid flavor choice.

Whether you're at a nationwide chain or a local ice cream shop, it's hard to go wrong with that pick. You'll get a creamy vanilla base with little Oreo morsels to enjoy.

However, the brand is unveiling of a cookies & creme-flavored Oreo seems a little...redundant, no? The act of picking up a bag of Oreos for purchase indicates that you'll be getting the Oreo flavor to enjoy, so now you're getting what? Double?

The winningest combination in the history of winning combinations. #USonly

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We're used to unusual flavor combinations from the brand, like Swedish Fish, Peanut Butter Cup, and S'mores, but this one just doesn't make any sense. Purchasers say the Cookies & Creme flavor tastes basically like a regular cookie, possibly a little sweeter. So there you have it.