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Love Tacos? You MUST Snag These 8 Taco Trinkets!

Are you the type of person that craves tacos every night for dinner? Well, you definitely need these eight items that are based that are based on your favorite food!

Miniature Taco Charm

Need a realistic looking taco for the road? Not to worry, Etsy has you covered. These mini charms look good enough to eat and can help to create a delicious-looking bracelet. You can also add them to your phone as a charm or even to a zipper!

Taco Time Beaver Pin

We are not too sure why a beaver and a taco were paired together, but it is adorable! How could anyone resist this cute enamel pin? This would make a perfect addition to a denim jacket or even a tote bag.

Eat Tacos Wine Glass

Need a reminder about your taco obsession while drinking wine? We found the perfect item for you! With the phrase “eat tacos like every day is Tuesday” on the front, you will crave the food while sipping vino.

Fiesta Party Outfit

Is your son turning one? He definitely needs this outfit at his birthday party. The made to order creation comes with a bodysuit and custom taco and pepper pants. They also offer to create the outfit for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th birthdays as well. Unfortunately, they do not make the outfit for anyone older than 5. We know. We asked.

Tacos Doormat

Let every guest who enters your house know your favorite food. The doormat reads “come back with tacos” which is the perfect motto. Who doesn’t want their house guests to arrive with the food?

"Will Squat For Tacos" Tank

We mean, it’s an accurate saying! We would squat for tacos as well.

Taco Bell Ring

Subtlety state your most favorite thing in the world with this Taco Bell ring. Made out of gold wire, you can wear this to any event. We do have to say, this might be the best item on the list!


Taco Dog Costume

Who does not need a taco outfit for their dog? Crochet out of yarn, the outfit is made for a smaller dog. Trust us, your dog wants to be dressed up as a taco just as much as you want your dog to be dressed up as a taco.


Sarah Harley is a Hufflepuff living in the NYC area. When she is not talking to random animals or collecting stickers, she is a comedy writer working in television production. Tweet her at @lumpyspacederp