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Adidas In Hot Water For Boston Marathon Themed E-Mail Subject

Seriously, do marketing campaigns need to go through human resources now, because this is probably the worst e-mail subject I've ever seen. 

Adidas is getting a lot of backlash, and FOR GOOD REASON in my humble opinion, for an e-mail that went out for their running line. The e-mail reads "Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!"

Considering what happened to Boston a few years ago, seems to me that many Adidas fans might be considering a switch to Nike.

Mike Denison on Twitter

@adidas you may want to rethink the subject line


The reactions were ranging:

Dave Dyson on Twitter

@steveannear @adidas @mikd33

abmartinson on Twitter

@mikd33 @adidas As Pepsi breathes a sigh of relief

Bryan Flaherty on Twitter

PEPSI: That was the biggest PR blunder of the year. UNITED: Hold my beer. ADIDAS: Hold my Pepsi.

Adidas released a statement, but with the damage done, who knows what's next:

adidas on Twitter

adidas on Twitter


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