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Dust Off That Resumé , Because The Royal Family Has a Job Opening

While it looks like your chances of marrying into the royal family are now slim (thanks a lot, Meghan Markle) there's a new way to become part of the royal family: you could work for them.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have actually just used LinkedIn to post a job opening. They're in search of a senior communications officer for their Royal Foundation, which is a full-time job based in London.

If you're interested in vying for the spot, you're not alone. Apparently 1,000 people have applied already.

Beyond the basic skills required for the job (social media abilities, experience working for a charity, etc.) the job posting also specifies that the ability to handle information with discretion is required.

Makes sense. Looks like it's time to start gathering those letters of recommendation, eh?



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