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Woman is in Jail for Using Government Funds to Buy Her Dog a Tux

Kristi Lyn Goss, a 44-year-old in Garland County, Arkansas is currently in jail for purchasing her dog a tuxedo.

This may sound a seemingly harmless act, but since she purchased the dapper outfit on her work credit card she was convicted of fraud.

The administrative assistant purchased a series of other items as well. According to ABC 7 KATV, she also bought a “ diamond bracelet, tickets to Arkansas Razorbacks football games, sequenced throw pillows and pet insurance.” In total, Goss  racked up a $200,000 bill on her Garland County credit card.

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Woman admits using county cash to buy dog tuxedo #NBC4

Police in Arkansas State became suspicious of Goss in July. When the Garland County Government was being audited, they noticed a series of discrepancies. Most of these purchases happened on a credit card back in May. The credit card was linked back to Goss who happened to be using her card to buy random items and pay her bills.

Needless to say, after the audit, she was immediately fired and arrested. Her trial is set for this upcoming Tuesday. According to the Hot Springs Sentinel Record, she is currently being charged in the predial hearing for six felony counts of fraudulent use of a county’s credit card.

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She's accused of fraudulently charging $200K to a county credit card for items like a dog tuxedo, diamond bracelet.

If she is found guilty of the fraudulent charges, then she could face between three and 20 years in jail for each count!

Even though she may be in trouble in the eyes of the court system, people on social media did not see what she did wrong. Many people were tweeting out that they jokingly support her purchase of a doggie tuxedo. One tweet by Jessica Roy read “what’s the problem, he looks great”! It’s true, her pup does look mighty wonderful in a classic tuxedo.

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what's the problem, he looks great

Regardless, deciding to buy your dog an outfit was an interesting purchase to pick when committing fraud.


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