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Though Apple has been warning developers for some time, there might still be stragglers when it comes to apps compatible with the new operating system. 

According to QUARTZ, Apple is changing their infrastructure where the apps will be moving to 64-bit. In non-nerd language, that means when you update your iOS to 11, if your favorite apps have not migrated to 64-bit, you will not be able to use them until they do.

While this may not be a huge issue with most people, Gamers may be the ones to get hit the hardest, if older games have not been updated. Not to mention, if any of you downloaded that Samuel L. Jackson soundbite board years ago, sadly, it’s probably not been updated either.

The popular apps should already have migrated their stations over to make way for iOS 11, but  QUARTZ notes that you can go into General > About > Applications, and then choose App Compatibility. It will show you what apps will no longer work.


Happy iOS upgrading!


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