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Someone in Switzerland is Actually Flushing Money Down the Toilet

We’ve all heard of the old saying “stop flushing money down the toilet!” One anonymous person in Switzerland is flushing tens of thousands of euros down the toilet.

The cash toilet clog happened in a bank as well as a few different restaurants.

According to Bloomberg, the strange event start months ago. Authorities noticed a bank vault in Geneva that was filled with 500-euros that had been sliced by scissors. From that day on, the dough hide and seek just got weirder. Days later, the euros started to clog restaurants in the local area. This is one place we wouldn’t want to find our cash!

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MatthewPhillips: Something about this doesn't smell right to me.

Authorities have been investigating on this strange happening. A spokesman for the Geneva prosecutor’s office told Bloomberg “there must be something behind this story, that’s why we started an investigation.”


In Switzerland, they use the Swiss franc as currency. The BBC reports that it is not a crime to destroy their bank notes. On the other hand, in the European Union, it is a crime to destroy euros, especially those in large quantities.

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Switzerland made euro bills found clogged toilets


So far, they have no clue who is flushing the cash down the toilet and ripping it into shreds. We can only speculate that it is someone who is trying to make a political statement or a child who does not know what he or she is doing! Maybe a child who is heavily into politics? Who knows!


At this point, they are going to continue to investigate the case. As far as the clogged toilets, well they are going to have to be repaired. Apparently, euros can do some series damage on a porcelain bowl when they are flushed.


Whomever is running this water and money-wasting scheme, maybe try saying the cash? We feel like there’s better ways to ruin the dough.



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