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Booze Made From Tofu May Actually Be Good For You

When you think of booze, you probably assume it isn’t good for you. Scientists at The National University of Singapore have just created the first healthy glass of alcohol.

Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan and PhD student Mr Chua Jian Yong developed a process to turn tofu into booze, as a solution to the waste and environmental pollution caused by its manufacturing.

No, this isn’t a magic trick! It took the team three months in order to perfect the product. Disposed of tofu is placed in a fermentation process, which turns the ingredient into a yellowish liquid. From there, the brew is mixed with sugar, acid, yeast and whey.

Thrillist on Twitter

This new type of booze is made from tofu. https://t.co/gB4tc0wklE


Within two weeks, the Sachi drink is ready to be tasted. For those who are curious about what the tofu alcohol tastes like, according to the Independent, it is said to have a "fruit, floral flavor”. Thrillist notes that the tofu drink has about 7-8% alcohol. They also note that this percentage of alcohol is comparable to an IPA.

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Singapore researchers have developed the world's first booze made from tofu whey - and it tastes like sake https://t.co/yEvpfptBYO


For those folks looking to drink, but stay within their dietary plans, this may be the best option. Independent notes that since the item is made from “soybeans, it contains notably high levels of soy nutrients, while the waste also features an abundance of calcium.”

Business Insider also adds, “health benefits like bone health, heart health, and cancer prevention”.

Guilt-free alcohol? Yes, please!


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