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You've Probably Been Blowing Your Nose WRONG Your Entire Life

It's cold and flu season, and like most Americans, you are taking the necessary precautions to keep your family well -- While still stocking up on supplies in case you or a family member fall ill.

One of the most vital supplies while sick with a cold or flu is tissues.

Tissues provide you with a soft cloth to blow your nose, rather than using something abrasive that will tear up your face -- Such as paper towels or an old rag.

While tissues may indeed be a nose-saver, there's something you should know before you grab your next tissue.

It's very tempting to blow your nose into a tissue when you feel congested, but truth be told, when you blow your nose forcefully, both nostrils at a time -- It may actually make you feel worse.

What's more, if your mucus contains bacteria, it could travel to your sinuses -- Prompting a more serious infection.

And yes, we are trying to tell you that you've probably been blowing your nose wrong your whole life.

According to a video shared on social media by Tech Insider, the correct way to blow your nose is to close one nostril at a time and blow your nose gently.

Another way to help alleviate congestion is to take an anti-inflammatory. If the swelling in your nose subsides, the mucus will be able to exit your nose while you alternate blowing each nostril into the tissue.

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You've been blowing your nose all wrong - here's how you should do it

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