(Photo by Matias Delacroix/Getty Images)

Tremors Felt In Same City For The Last Seven Days

Reno, Nevada has experienced hundreds of earthquakes over the past month, but what's more noticeable is that the city has been shaking for the last seven days.

According to Newsweek, most of the quakes have been small tremors, with only a handful being recorded at a magnitude 2.0.

Previous reports indicated that the quakes started mid December but continued again on January 12 and beyond.

Newsweek also spoke with Ken Smith, an earth scientist at a lab in Reno. Smith said it appears that the tremors are tapering off again.

He also doesn't seem overly alarmed by the swarms of quakes, as Nevada has seen its fair share of quakes over the last century and a half.

Still, the swarms are definitely something to keep an eye on as a major earthquake could happen in the region at any time.

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