What SWFL Is Talking About January 31st

President Trump called for a new American moment in his first State of the Union Address last night. The President said he was looking for "common ground" in the immigration debate, but held firm on his call for a border wall, touted the strength of the economy under his watch and called for a modernization of our nation's infrastructure.


Kevin Retzer, the ex-husband of former cape Coral Mayor Marni Sawicki, was sentenced yesterday to one year of house arrest, three years probation, mandatory anger management programs, and ordered to stay away from Sawicki and her family, for beating and strangling her inside a Miami hotel room. Retzer will serve no jail time.


37 year old Cory Stewart and 34 year old Marie Edwards of Ft. Myers have been arrested on sexual battery charges. Lee County detectives investigated the pair and found Stewart was having a sexual relationship with an 11 year old girl and Edwards was involved sexually with a 12 year old boy. Police seized electronic equipment from the home on Powell Street as evidence.


Lords of Chaos ring leader Kevin Foster will remain on death row as will Brandy Bain Jennings perpetrator of the infamous "Cracker Barrell Murders" back in 1995. Both their appeals were denied yesterday according to the State Attorney's office.


A body found in the Charleston Park neighborhood of Alva has been identified as Courtney Thomas of Fort Myers. Thomas had been reported missing back in December. The Sheriff's office is continuing their investigation.


And why aren't people adopting black cats...


Nobody Is Adopting Black Cats For A HORRIBLE Reason