What SWFL Is Talking About February 1st

A father and son from Cape Coral have been arrested for trafficking meth. David and Christopher Swanson were arrested earlier this week for importing Crystal methamphetamine from Hong Kong to several Cape Coral addresses including the father's home on Royal Tee Circle. The son is out and bond...David Swanson, the father remains in custody.


The Florida senate unanimously passed a bill yesterday banning marriage for anyone under the age of 18. The bill now goes to the House for consideration before being brought by the full senate chamber. As the law is written now, if there's a pregnancy involved, there is no minimum age for marriage as long as it gets a judge's approval.


Another SW Florida man has had his death row appeal shot down by the State Supreme Court. Joshua Nelson, convicted of killing Tommy Owens of Cape Coral back in 1995, will remain on death row along with Lords of Chaos ringleader Kevin Foster , and Cracker Barrel killer Brandy Bain Jennings who both had their appeals denied earlier this week.


And a bet between Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy results in an embarrassing loss for Hardy....


Tom Hardy Gets A Leonardo DiCaprio Tattoo For A Hilarious Reason