What SWFL Is Talking About February 6th

We made history on Wall Street yesterday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over 1,100 points , the largest single-day point drop in history. The huge drop wiped out all the gains made last year and continued the massive fall that started last week.


After revealing that a special election in May would cost taxpayers close to a million dollars, the Lee County School Board has decided to postpone it's special election until the regular election in November. The district is looking for a half cent increase in the sales tax to raise funds for construction projects, security, athletic programs and technology.


The Cape Coral City Council voted 6-1 yesterday to move along with negotiations to purchase the Golf Course property. it's possible that the Cape may partner with Lee County to purchase the property. City officials and residents in the area favor turning the property into a park.


And why finding a CD in your local store may be getting a little tougher....

Say Goodbye To Picking Up A CD In Stores