What SWFL Is Talking About February 7th

The Lee County Board of Commissioners has voted to put the half cent sales tax increase to fund school projects on the November ballot. The half cent increase will bring the tax rate up to 6.5 percent and the school district plans on using the tax money to fund construction projects, athletic programs, security needs, and technology for the classroom.


We've told you about the fires in Charlotte County in recent days and every day it becomes clearer that there's an arsonist on the loose. Three homes under construction went up Monday night and police say gasoline fumes were present at all three fires. Last weekend over a dozen brush fires were reported in Charlotte County. The State Fire Marshall has been called in to investigate.


Dana Marie Foster has been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, after she was reported driving erratically in the parking lot of Cape Christian Fellowship over the weekend. When stopped by Cape police, Foster claimed to be possessed by demons, and was waiting to see a pastor. Police found marijuana and xanax after searching her car.


We have a Great White Shark in our midst...and he's got a name too....George. George gets around too..He's been tracked all over the east coast, even up to New England, and now he's in the waters of the Florida Everglades. Officials estimate George weighs in at about 1 thousand pounds!!!


And Prince's sister has spoken out about Justin Timblerlake's tribute to her late brother at the Super Bowl...