What SWFL Is Talking About February 9th

Just hours after the government shutdown began, the House of Representatives is preparing to vote on a budget and government funding package that would re-open the federal government and hike the debt ceiling.

Earlier this morning, the Senate approved the two-year budget deal, with a sending it to the House.

The federal government closed down for the second time in less than a month, after Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul prevented the deal from passing.


***UPDATE*** A spending deal was reached at 5:30 am


A firefighter with the Greater Naples Fire department was injured while battling an apartment fire yesterday in Naples on Curlew Ave.

According to reports the unidentified first responder  fell while working on the fire. He’s in stable condition at a local hospital.


A 21 year old College student from Florida is considering taking legal action against Spirit Airlines, claiming the air carrier suggested she flush her pet hamster down a toilet before boarding her flight.

Belen Aldecosea says she was originally told she could fly with her pet hamster Pebbles, but when she arrived at the airport, was told that she would not be allowed to fly with the hamster. That’s when Aldecosea claims a Spirit Rep suggested she flush her pet down a toilet…which she eventually did.


I’m sure he’s got the number in his phone..1-800-ASK GARY  founder Gary Kompothecras was arrested yesterday   on a DUI charge after being clocked at over 100 mph on I-75 near Bradenton. Kompothecras told police he had been drinking earlier at the Hard Rock, and had had an issue with his wife. He was taken to the Manatee County Jail.


And Brad Pitt has been involved in a car accident...but not to worry...he's fine...