What SWFL Is Talking About March 2nd

Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden has announced how his county will handle school security moving forward.
The plan formulated by the Sheriff’s office and the Superintendent of Schools is to take multiple volunteers from each school and allow them to carry concealed firearms in each school.
Volunteers would be given a psychological exam, a full background check, and a drug test.
Once they successfully complete these exams they will be put through a special law enforcement tactical active shooter course. Whidden says he’d like to wait for funding from the federal government, but he feels it’s important to act now.


We’re starting to learn more about what led up to the arrest of the Zombicon killer Jose Raul Bonilla who was arrested earlier this week. In newly released court documents, it was tips from the public and a jailhouse informant, with knowledge of gang activity in Immokalee who led police to Bonilla, and he was on their radar within weeks of the shooting. In fact, since the shooting Bonilla had been in police custody three times. Bonilla is being held without bond while the investigation continues.


Staff Officer Gerald McNulty of the Lee County Sheriff’s Department is stepping down from his post following allegations of sexual harassment of female co-workers. 10 women who work for the Sheriff’s office came forward with the allegations. McNulty has denied any wrongdoing.


Entertainment News: We have a report that police were called to the home of Tori Spelling this morning…

Police Have Just Been Called To Tori Spelling's Home


Burmese Python regurgitates a deer(WARNING: PHOTOS ARE GRAPHIC)