What SWFL Is Talking About April 4th

Investigators are still on the scene of a deadly crash on Ortiz Avenue. The crash occurred shortly after midnight…We’ll have more on road closings and detours with Chuck Whitaker


Meanwhile cape Coral Police are investigating another accident at a treacherous corner in the city. A white BMW ended up in a canal last night at the corner of SW 40th St and Surfside Blvd, a corner that’s seen it’s share of accidents. A man was rescued from the car and was taken to a local hospital.


Citing a drop in donations after pulling it’s support for Planned Parenthood and a drop in charitable donations in general, the Southwest Florida office of the Susan G Komen foundation is closing it’s doors.  The foundation has raised more than $7 million dollars since opening in 2002, and will cease operations on May 25th.


Entertainment News: What do you do when the zipper breaks on your dress, just before you’re about to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show?....Jenna Fischer handled it beautifully…


Jenna Fischer Just Suffered A MAJOR Wardrobe Malfunction