What SWFL Is Talking About May 3rd

Lois Reiss will go in front of a judge this afternoon for a bond hearing. Prosecutors want Reiss held without bond because they feel she's a flight risk and danger to the community. There has been some discussion that Reiss is suffering from a mental illness, and hasn't been taking her medication which could also affect the prosecutions case.


Governor Rick Scott, candidate for US Senate, said it's time for the United States to recognize Puerto Rico as the 51st state. Scott has visited the island, hit hard by Hurricane Maria, several times in the last few months. Many Puerto Ricans came to Florida due to their homes being destroyed by Maria.


Authorities looking into a fire at a travel trailer in North Fort Myers say it was a case of arson. The trailer was parked near a truck stop off I-75 when it was consumed by flames yesterday morning. We have no further information on the investigation.


World of Food: Oreo is getting some backlash after introducing some weird new flavors for Summer. You can vote in our Oreo poll....


Oreo Brings New Flavors Out For Summer - And We're Conflicted