What SWFL Is Talking About May 16th

There was a protest…a counter protest….positions shared and shouted down as the NAACP held a small protest yesterday demanding that the city of Fort Myers remove a statue of Robert E. Lee in the downtown area. There was no physical violence, but things did get heated on both sides. The NAACP says they’ll continue their efforts to get the statue removed.


A convenience store clerk is under arrest, charged with allegedly pre-scratching lottery tickets, holding on to the winners for herself and selling the non-winning tickets to the store’s customers. 43 year old Wendy Klinker is out on bond and will be arraigned on June 11th.


A former employee of the Cantina Laredo Restaurant in Fort Myers was arrested Monday night. Police say Armando Torres robbed the restaurant, threatening a fellow employee with a gun but was recognized by that employee, despite wearing a mask. Police found the 17 year old at his home. Torres has been ordered to surrender all his firearms as a condition of his arrest.


An early morning bicycle stop led to an arrest in Cape Coral. 47 year old Daniel Clapper was riding his bicycle on Country Club Blvd when police stopped him for having no lights. Police found Clapper in possession of a bag that contained prescription pills that had been stolen from a car at a nearby home. Clapper is facing burglary, grand theft and drug charges.


Entertainment News: Bohemian Rhapsody, the Freddie Mercury/Queen bio-pic will hit the theaters in early November...we have a sneak peek at the trailer....


VIDEO: Extended Teaser Trailer for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’