What SWFL Is Talking About May 30th

Accused killer Lois Reiss wasn't present in the courtroom yesterday during an arraignment hearing attended by her public defender. Reiss's next court date is July 11th. The 56 year old Reiss is charged with killing her husband at their home in Minnesota and a few days later killing a tourist on Fort Myers Beach and assuming her identity. She was caught while on the run in Texas.


Police arrested Eric Hoffman of Naples yesterday and charged him with choking a female deputy after a traffic stop on US 41. Hoffman failed a field sobriety test during the stop. That's when he attacked an unidentified female Lee County Deputy. He's facing several charges including DUI, ASSAULT AND RESISTING AN OFFICER


We have an ID on a man who was killed yesterday when a concrete wall fell on him. His name is 47 year old John Pullen. It's not clear how the accident happened. OSHA is investigating.


Concerned that financial issues could be mounting at the City's charter schools Cape Coral officials are considering a plan to temporarily run the school's charter school system. The city would run departments like human resources and record keeping, and once the six month trial run is completed, the city would then decide whether to make the arrangement permanent. Th city council will vote on the measure in June.


Entertainment News: After re-debuting with great ratings, Roseanne Barr's network TV career is over as a result of racist comments she made on Twitter...we have reaction...


Bad News Just Surfaced For “Roseanne” Fans