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The brown water is here…invading the Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel coastline. Brown water caused by fresh water discharges from Lake Okeechobee. Heavier than usual rainfall last week caused water levels in the lake to rise forcing the Army Corps of Engineers to release the fresh water earlier in the year than usual.


The Cape Coral City Council has voted to maintain protections for Bald Eagle nests in the city. The Vote was 7-1 to keep the 11 hundred foot radius. Council chamber was filled with residents in favor of maintaining the current protections


One Teacher has been fired, the other reassigned at Heights Elementary School, after being caught having sex in a classroom last month. Justin Pinto has been fired, Pinto had been accused of making inappropriate comments in the past . Samantha Wilhide has been reassigned to the district office.


Waffles and syrup were the dish that enabled Florida Fish and Wildlife to capture a bear near Colonial and Summlerlin yesterday morning at the Park Place Apartments. The bear roaming around caused  the Grace Community School to go on lockdown. The bear will be released into the wild.


Congratulations to our afternoon host John Tesh for his nomination to the National Radio Hall of Fame. You can help John get elected…Vote now at