What SWFL Is Talking About June 7th

Lois Reiss, accused of the murders of her husband in Minnesota, and Fort Myers tourist Pamela Hutchinson has now been charged with first degree murder with a firearm in connection with Hutchinson's death. The indictment supersedes a 2nd degree murder charge that had been earlier filed by the State Attorney's Office. While the death penalty is an option in this case, a first degree murder conviction usually results in a life sentence. Reiss will be arraigned on the new charge Monday.


Police have arrested 6 men they say were involved in selling drugs in the North Fort Myers area. Police raided two homes and recovered over 40 thousand dollars worth of heroin. The suspects are facing charges including drug trafficking.


In Charlotte County, police arrested a man they say head-butted members of his own family. 28 year old Adam Wilkie has been charged with child abuse. His wife claims he allegedly abused the couple's 4 children on several occasions.


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