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Moving is an activity that most people dread, whether you are a constant mover or only have helped a friend out, it can be overwhelming. But with a little bit of planning and organization, you can get your home packed into your box truck smoothly and stress-free.  

Here are some tips to loading your box truck:  

1. Largest to Smallest  

Start with packing your largest and heaviest objects first. Think appliances and heavy lawn equipment. Load all the way to the back and balance the truck with the items.  

2.Use padding to help protect items  

Going the extra step of padding your items such as furniture will not only help protect your things but will also make it easier to slide into the box truck. Mattress covers are a great way to protect sofas and mattresses while loading your box truck. 

 3. Long items next  

Place your long items such as mattresses, box springs, sofas etc. To maximize space, keep your items upright and load against the longest wall of the truck. 

 4. Heavy Boxes on Top 

Load your heavy boxes on top of your heavy items such as appliances. Make sure there are no fragile items in these boxes. Maximize space by placing boxes under desks and under chairs.  

 5. Light and Squishy  

Place bags on clothes and bed lines in garbage bags. Place in on top of heavy boxes and squeeze any empty holes. 

 6. Fragile items last  

Make sure any fragile items are securely packed in their boxes and place in secure places in the box truck under desks and chairs.  

 With proper planning and these helpful tricks, loading your box truck can be painless.  Happy Moving!  


This article was written by Kristin Brandit