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Could your junk really be your treasure?  

Whether it’s something you have inherited or something you have horded, there may be treasures in your attic that could be reeling in big bucks.   

Here is a list of 5 Money Makers that may be hiding in your attic: 


  1. Old Electronics

While most of the general population is all about the latest and greatest technology. There are several people that are collecting old electronics. Your old computer, cell phone or gaming system could be worth some Benjamin’s.  Doing a quick scan on eBay or Craig’s List may help you determine if your old electronics have any value.  


  1. Old Toys and Games

Some older toys, like Star Wars especially are worth big bucks. Unwrapped toys will bring in even bigger bucks!  


  1. Sports Cards

Sports cards made before 1979 will bring in the most cash as production from big companies increases after 1979 and lowers the value. 


  1. Comic Books

Comic books from the 70s, 80s and 90s that may be hiding in a box somewhere may bring you in some extra cash.   For instance, the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic sold for almost $900.  A visit to a local comic book store is a good start to find out if you can turn your box of old comics into a box full of cash.  


  1. Old Video Games

People are seeking your old childhood video games and they may be willing to pay big bucks to get their hands on them. To see what is in high demand, spend some time on auction sites or video game forums where gamers are posting what they are looking for. Another good source is to see what how many trade credits Amazon will give you. The more credits they are willing to give, the higher value of the game.  


Next time you clean out your attic or closet, make sure you look closely at what treasures could be lurking among your junk.