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2nd ANNUAL BEASLEY BIKE DRIVE: Beasley Media Group Southwest Florida Radio Stations Come Together to Present 2nd Annual Beasley Bike Drive Annual event to benefit needy children during the Upcoming…


Middays 10:00am-2:00pm

Some call it Friday but when free fries are involved it becomes Fry-Day! McDonald’s is giving away free fries through September 30th. You have to do two things: spend at least $1 and download and order through their app. Don’t want fries? They have other offers. Every Tuesday and Thursday you can get a free soda. If you order 5 coffee drinks through the app the 6th one is free. McDonald’s is focusing on their app to attract Millennials who want convenience and speed when ordering. Which fast food chain has the best fries? Are you a drive thru person, in store person or order through the app type of person?