Keith Urban Reveals Exactly What Happened When Grandma Lent Him Cash

Last month Keith Urban received some help from a grandma who lent him cash for a sandwich at a New York gas station. With the rumors swirling out of control and people saying that the grandmother paid for Urban’s gas and food, it was time to clear things up a bit. The Australian country singer reveals that when he stopped at the New York Wawa station for a sandwich, he realized he only had $5 in his pocket and the sandwich costs $7. Ruth Reed then offered some of her spare change to Urban. “No, I’m good’. And I pull out my credit card and the people behind her were kind of groaning like, ‘Ugh credit card for seven bucks, just take the lady’s money,” said Urban. He offered Reed the $5 that he had, however, she refused so he put the money in the tip jar and didn’t think anything more of it. “The next thing I know, my brother calls me like two days later going, ‘How could you let a retired school teacher pay for all your fuel and your food?’ said Urban. Keith decided to return the favor to Reed so he flew her and her brother out to his Nashville concert. Has a rumor ever gotten out of hand and you had to clean it up? What was the rumor and what did you do?