Here's What To Pack In Your Emergency 'Go Bag'

Are you ready for an emergency?  Here's what experts say every person should have in their emergency 'Go Bag'. For food, experts say you'll want at least a three-day food supply, with protien-packed non-perishables like nuts, jerky, or peanut butter recommended. For water, you'll need one gallon per person per day.  Otherwise, make sure you have some water-purifying tablets or a filter bottle. Other items to remember include a first aid kit, flashlight and batters, a hand-powered radio, a dust mask, and of course, duct tape. One more thing - have a waterproof pouch for things like money, ID, credit cards, and important documents like passports or birth certificates. Do you have a 'Go Bag'?  Does your family have an emergency plan in place?